The Courage to Fish: Resist the Urge to Continue

February 02, 2022 THE MMA TEAM

Day 18

Resist the Urge to Continue

First, let me say that I have a typical husband who doesn't like to take directions from anyone. It is what it is. When we travel, I know that we are really in trouble if he asks me to use the Wazeapp for a brief moment to find our way.

One rainy day, while driving home from a homegoing celebration  for our uncle, we were hungry and tired from the day of activities. My Waze app was on, guiding us in getting home as quickly as possible and avoiding the 4 o'clock traffic from Hayward to Sacramento.

While we were driving, the app told us to get off the freeway at a specific exit. The app doesn't tell you why, it just gives you directions. However, it will tell you how many minutes you will save by following it’s instructions.

So, we got off and took the suggested route. We continued on the proposed path, which took us under the freeway. We could see that a car accident had occurred and slowed down traffic on our usual route.

We almost didn't follow the instructions to exit, but we had to make a decision: keep going the way we "knew" was right or trust the Waze app and its knowledge of what was ahead of us.

In case you are not familiar with it, the Waze app utilizes routes and information from other drivers on the road to get you quickly to your destination. It already knows what is ahead of you.

Even knowing this, you must resist the urge to continue with what you know versus following the app's directions, and this is like our relationship with Christ. 

There are things in our lives that we need to stop doing so that we can follow Christ. However, resisting the urge to continue is tough. What we are doing is familiar and safe, and we know the outcome.

But what if we resisted the urge to continue doing the same thing and followed God's plan?

You know, resisting the urge to continue eating unhealthy foods, resisting the urge to date a non-believer in the hope that it will turn into a Godly relationship, or the urge to keep complaining about the goodness of Jesus.

You must trust Jesus and get the courage to try something new. Trust that he has the best in store for you!

In Matthew 2:12, the angel told the wise men to go home another way after seeking the baby Jesus.

Sometimes we want to lean towards the normal and what is familiar, but we must go the way God has explicitly ordained for our lives.

I challenge you today to step out in faith and allow Jesus to show you a new way, a better way. Don't worry, He will not leave you. He is right there with you every step of the way! 


I ask you to help me do it differently this time. You know my "it." The thing that doesn't allow me to surrender to you. The "itthat I know is not your will for my life.

I want the courage to break generational cycles of abuse, fornication, alcohol, drug addiction, abortion, anger, unforgiveness, and low self-esteem, to name a few from my life.

I know that there are actions that I need to take, but I also know that there are things that only you can remove or help me handle. So, I declare my trust in you.

I believe that you are everything that your Word states about you. For this reason, I will resist my urge to continue with my life as it is and will follow you instead.

In Jesus' Name,


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