WHY WE EXIST: At the heart of MAKEMEAVAILABLE is the desire to be more than just another COOL BRAND. We want to become your GO TO BRAND for EVERYDAY INSPIRATION. We also want to BECOME A FORCE FOR CHANGE, and by donating a portion of the sale from selected products to the AMAZING CHARITIES we support, we can all MAKE IT HAPPEN. 

WHAT WE BELIEVE: The clothes you wear should reflect who you are, and although controversial and downright offensive clothing might make you laugh or get you noticed for a while, we don't believe their IMPACT has any real lasting benefit to the wearer or anyone else. And so as a brand with a strong FAMILY AND COMMUNITY FOCUS, we wanted to create a range of INSPIRATIONAL products which you RECOGNISE AS CONNECTING with YOUR LIFESTYLE and not one that a mass producer who cares very little about you expects you to buy into.
WHAT WE OFFER: So whether  you are looking for a warm and comfortable SWEATSHIRT for the weekends or the school run, a MOTIVATING TEE for the gym, a CHRISTENING GIFT for a baby, or a set of MUGS as a house/flat warming present, waiting for you are a range of EXCITING, STYLISH AND AFFORDABLE products designed to EMPOWER YOU to CREATE THE LIFE you want for YOURSELF AND OTHERS. 

That's  OUR STORYits time to CREATE YOURS.