As official partners of global charities A21 and Feed The Hungry, 10% from every full priced item purchased on the store will be donated to the charity you select from the menu on the order screen. 

Feed The Hungry responds to caring for the poor affected by natural disaster. We do this by providing feeding programs to schools and orphanages in the poorest areas of the world.

Since 1987 when it was founded by Dr Lester Sumrall from the US, Feed The Hungry has delivered over £125 million of relief supplies to over 92 nations worldwide. 

Feed The Hungry has three core activities:


Your gift helps supply food and relief items directly to the world’s hungriest people.


Through an established network of local partners we are able to respond quickly when natural disasters strike around the world.


In 2005, Feed The Hungry set a goal to feed 175,000 children every day.  By Supporting established orphanages and ministries focused on children, we relieve the daily burden of providing food.

You can visit the official Feed The Hungry website or connect on IG


In 2008, a few ordinary people set out to do the impossible. To see a world where women are no longer sold for sex. Where men are no longer sold for labor. Where children are no longer taken from their families and exploited. A world where every single person is free.
  • We are one of the largest organizations in the world that is solely fighting human trafficking. At a local, domestic, and international level. All over the world, we are not just responding to trafficking that is already taking place–but we are actively working on the frontlines to prevent it from happening to begin with. 

  • We have a contextualized approach. Because the problem looks different everywhere we work, so does our response. We’re innovative and creative. We identify the gaps in each context and seek to fill it.

  • We have a unique vision to scale impact. A21’s Reach, Rescue, Restore programs work together to provide a comprehensive response to human trafficking. Our programs have also been designed as stand alone solutions to enable A21 to fill critical gaps in a community without duplicating efforts.  We are also committed to giving away our resources and knowledge to other groups combatting human trafficking so we can reach a tipping point.

  • We have an unwavering commitment to the one. Whether it’s preventing one life from ever experiencing exploitation in the first place to walking alongside the one who has toward freedom, independence, and a better story. 

  • We believe in the role of abolitionists. Simply put, our work wouldn’t be possible without you. Your giving, volunteering, fundraising, hosting, walking, and sharing is why we will see the day where a world without slavery becomes a reality. 

  • Our team is comprised of qualified and seasoned professionals who are driven by a personal sense of calling and are deeply passionate for the cause. Our staff on the ground is local and focused on raising up local leaders to make a difference in their countries, cities, and communities all over the world. 

Partnership is essential to everything we do. We understand that real change takes time, and it’s nearly impossible without collaboration. That’s why we work with government entities, law enforcement, frontline professionals, other non-profits, individuals and industries in nearly every sector–because to end slavery, it’s gonna take all of us.
You can visit the official website or connect on IG