September 16, 2020 THE MMA TEAM

Have you ever heard of the comparison of a person being like a trash can? You know, those people that are filled with so much negativity and every chance they get, they tell someone about all the garbage in their lives. You hate to see them coming because you know that nothing good would come from them.

It is sad to say but, they are draining people. I know because I was one of those people. I had so much garbage in my life and I felt like a walking dumpster. I was going through a lot: I despised my job; my family was in shambles and it seemed like every friend I had was doing better in life than I was. Have you ever been there? Every time I got to speak to someone, I would unload my problems, it was like I could not stop until I got it all out. I felt so heavy and I was looking for relief. Normally talking with friends, family or friendly coworkers helped, but this time it was different. I began to feel like a burden, so to appear “normal,” I just relented with saying “I’m fine” whenever someone asked how I was.

I could not understand why my normal routine did not work out.  Normally, I could talk it out, listen to a good sermon and crank some Gospel tunes to get back on track, but their words were not working, I needed my own. I knew I needed to reconnect with God, but his presence felt so far. When it was time to pray, I felt like I had so much going wrong, I did not know what to pray for first. So, I decided I needed to do something and found myself at the Christian Store, hoping to find something to center me.

I went through aisles of Bibles, books, planners, pens, and I came across the devotionals. One brightly colored Women’s Devotional caught my eye entitled “Be Still and Let Your Nail Polish Dry.” I immediately bought it and could not wait to get home to read it. Leaving that store made me feel like I regained a piece of hope. I started to read through my Devotional and in the lines below I would write a prayer to God about what I was going through and little by little that weight I was feeling started to lift.

I realized that the reason I was feeling so heavy came from me trying to give my burdens to the wrong people. I was unable to connect with my loved ones around me because I was so caught up in my own troubles and I did not want to burden anyone. It felt so isolating because I was looking for relief in people when that was a job for God.

Now, I do believe that
God does give us people in our lives to help us along the way. However, we must be careful not to put them in a place only God can be. In 1 Peter 5:7 it says,Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you.” God is concerned about our troubles, he desires for us to come to him and give him our anxiety, disappointment, and shame. HE alone will give us peace that surpasses all understanding. God wanted to hear from me, but HE also wants to hear from you. I encourage anyone reading this to prioritize God in your daily walk, cultivate a true relationship with him, because in him there is peace and so much joy. Be Blessed!

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