November 30, 2019 THE MMA TEAM

Make me available.

Yes Lord.  Lead me down the path of purpose according to your plans.

Has that ever been your prayer?  

I know it was mine.  For a long time.

The trouble was - if I’m being honest - it was a lot of lip service.

Sure, there was some longing for it to be true. Just like we can sometimes fantasize about winning the lottery or that dream vacation.

But the truth is I wasn’t doing the things I needed to do to actually make myself available.

The wonderful thing about God is that - even in His omnipotence - He wants to PARTNER with us.

That means we have a role - a responsibility - in how available we are to pick up His call and walk in His purpose.

And I wasn't doing my part.

Instead of walking in obedience, trusting God to equip me as needed, I was running.  A modern day Jonah if you will.

You see, to walk in God’s plan, to make ourselves available, requires obedience.

For many of us - myself included - we BELIEVE His promises are YES and AMEN.  But when it comes to surrendering our will, our vision, our plans…. too often we say NO and NOT YET.

We cling to the relationship He’s asking us to release.  We hoard the money He’s inviting us to tithe.  We idle away the time He’s wanting us to redeem.

 I get it.

Walking in obedience is scary.  For a whole bunch of reasons.

For some of us, not seeing the whole staircase makes us weary of taking that first step.  Even if we can trust the master builder, we struggle with the unknown. We anguish in not knowing exactly how the story will end (news flash though - we DO know how the story ultimately ends).

For others we doubt our worthiness.  Our abilities.  We focus on what we believe we lack rather than how God can and does bridge every gap.  We fear our weakness rather than resting on the truth - that in our weakness HE is made strong in us.  

For me, if I’m honest, I sometimes get trapped in comparison.  Looking at the giftings or callings He has put on others then foolishly belittling the giftings and calling God has given me. And in doing so, staying stuck.  Unavailable. Longing for HER blessings rather than praising God for how He’s blessed me.

Does that sometimes happen to you?

God wants us to be available.  He wants us to partner with Him when we pray “thy kingdom come, thy will be done.” Not because He can’t do it on His own - but because He knows there is freedom and blessing for US on the other side of our obedience.

The call for our availability and our obedience is not that of a dictator.  It's that of a loving father who is asking us to trust His love for us.  To trust that His plans ARE to give us a hope and a future.

You see, being available is a gift God gives us.  It’s an invitation to draw closer to Him.  It’s an invitation to see Him work in miraculous ways. It’s an invitation to grow in faith and learn to rest more fully in His peace.

That’s an invitation - a gift - I want to say yes to.

What about you?

Are you willing, in trust, to release your desires and exchange them for His?

Are you willing, in trust, to lay down your control and surrender to His?

Are you willing, in trust, to sacrifice your short term gain for His long term glory?

Are you willing to be available?

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  • Ryan

    Dec 04, 2019

    Truly great and inspiring words here. It is so true that often times we dont just trust….trust that we are on the right path….trust that we are not alone in that journey…..trust that he will get us to where we are meant to be.

    As much as we may feel we are truly making ourselves available, reading this makes you realize there are still fears and worries holding you back. Now just to release those right?

    Amazing words that will definitely inspire me in my own life…..starting today!

  • julie

    Dec 04, 2019

    this spoke straight to the core of my heart… so much truth. i too, struggle with ACTUALLY following through on surrendering my will for His… giving up the control.

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