Drawing Closer to God

October 20, 2021 THE MMA TEAM

The Lord drew me
into a close relationship with Him through illness.

I was a commercial pilot and had BIG goals of flying for the major airlines.

But that wasn’t God’s best for me.

He touched my circumstances so completely that I had no other choice than to completely lean into Him.

Over time, I was diagnosed with Lupus.

My body started shutting down in so many ways very quickly.

First, I couldn’t catch my breath.

Then, I couldn’t eat.

One malfunction after another kept coming until I wasn’t sure I would live.

I turned to the Lord as I sought healing and started seeking Him in a way I hadn’t before.

He reached down and divinely guided me through a healing journey lasting three years, and as He was healing my body, He was also healing my spirit.

Ultimately, He redirected my course in life.

As I continued to seek Him, miracle after miracle was granted both physically and spiritually.

I dived deep into His Word, and started writing prayers to Him.  

According to Psalm 5:3, King David made a daily sacrifice to the Lord in the form of a prayer and waited patiently for the Lord to speak to his heart.

I wondered if this could happen to me and of course, the Lord was and is faithful to my desire.

Writing daily prayers to the Lord has significantly changed my relationship with Him.

The prayers grew into daily devotions as I continued to study His Word.

I now share these with others hoping they can benefit from my private time with the Lord,

What once seemed like a great loss in life’s direction and vocation, I now consider a lifelong and eternal gain.

The Lord has been faithful in my quest for healing, and continues to draw me closer to Himself whilst teaching me about His ways.

My goal is to stand in the gap for others and help them stay connected to God during their busy seasons of life.

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