No, Wait!

August 27, 2022 THE MMA TEAM

The interview process for my first teaching job was laden with brick walls.  
The end of July drew near, and It had been a disappointing spring and summer with countless interviews and rejections.

How I longed to hear those four little words, “You’ve got the job!” At the time, all I heard was no. I didn’t realize the real answer was no, wait! I didn’t understand that with every rejection came an opportunity, an opportunity to surrender that hope and dream back to the Lord. A chance to wait and see where the Lord would ultimately lead.

After one final rejection, I took my dream of teaching and wrote it down on a sheet of paper. I ripped that sheet in half and prayed.

“Lord, I give this dream to you. It’s in your hands. If you don’t want me to teach then show me what you would have me do.”

Soon after, I received a call for a interview to a teaching position I had not even applied for, they had received my resume from another district. I finally heard those four little words—“You’ve got the job!”  

Sometimes we need to surrender our will to the Lord, sometimes we simply need to wait.

Psalms 27:14 says to wait on the Lord and be of good courage. Waiting strengthens our faith and our courage. Without courage, a Christian will never be what God wants them to be.

Isaiah 40:31 promises us that God will renew our strength when we wait on the Lord. The Hebrew word for wait here is qavah, which means twisting or binding like a rope. The waiting here is not to sit back and do nothing. This waiting is an action.

The more we bind ourselves with God, the stronger we become. Our courage comes from this strength in Him.

Within this courage we also find joy! Colossians 1:11 says we are strengthened by God’s power unto patience with joyfulness.  Maintaining a joyful countenance is crucial while in our waiting period.

Have you ever experienced a flight delay at an airport or a long wait at a restaurant? Keeping joyful during either of those can be hard! However, if we make ourselves available to God and others around us while we wait, joy is easier to sustain.

Lord, help us to remember when we hear rejection, the real answer is to wait. Help us to be patient and joyfully seek You in our waiting.

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