Breaking Up With Easy

June 08, 2021 THE MMA TEAM

For most of my life, I have protested against anything very difficult. I somehow had this fairytale image in my mind that a perfect, faith-filled life meant that there would be zero strife, and everyone would like me and my family. Oh boy, was I believing lies!

Nothing about the past 20 years or more has been easy. Unbelievable injustices beyond my imagination occurred. On the other side, there have been bigger blessings and mighty provisions. Gods’ goodness has always been interwoven throughout every hardship.

For the past decade, our lives have been one of the impossible being made possible.

We have story after story of impossibilities coming to fruition. And we continue to wait for more.

It has taken me years to break the mindset of easy. I gave up easy when I realized that easy meant giving up, not following through, being selfish, loveless, and not living Jesus’ way.

When desiring only the easy route meant a possible victim mentality, I asked God for help to be a woman of grit!

So often we can get wrapped up in our feelings. We can become easily overwhelmed, can't we?

Protesting the difficulties and choosing only the easy way has been a friend that I did not realize was a foe. Protesting the hard can be a stumbling block. A victim mentality and apathy can begin to set in instead of a life of victory and empowerment.

Jesus did not choose the easy way. He gave up His life. He chose us instead and left Heaven to live as a man on the earth. Jesus chose the hardest life to bring us victory and freedom. Let us dwell on that for a bit… He understands our struggles, our heartaches, our pull towards an easier life, yet He chose the path of love and grit down to the very last breath on the cross meant for us!

Our trials can bring about our victory. Because of Jesus, our lives can be drastically different.

The difficult path He chose to live brought us a victory that we get to choose every day. Our lives can be full of strength amidst any circumstance. Many things that we go through can be used back against the enemy to make us stronger and mightier in the Lord. We can stare down fear, anxiety, apathy, and any stumbling block, and tell it to go! We can choose every key from God's Kingdom that He has given us to live victoriously in our messy lives.

When we view easy as a foe it can shift our thinking. It can start to help us see the difficulties as blessings. Sometimes things occur in our lives because God is bringing about our freedom, our victory, and our long-awaited prayer. He uses everything and turns it into something good even if we are unable to see it at the time.

He makes everything beautiful in its time because HE is good. Let us choose the path of love and grit, never stepping down from challenges but facing them head-on because of Jesus!

Are you with me? Please let me know if you would like prayer, especially if this post resonated with you and you tend to struggle with choosing easy, rather than the path of love and grit.

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