To the one that has been in the fight of your life

September 14, 2022 THE MMA TEAM


“You think it is getting better, and then the rug comes from under you. I need you to keep getting up, says the Lord”

This is a love letter to you.

The enemy torments your thoughts, but it's just a mind game. It is not your reality.  No matter what has been said through others, it is not what the Lord says about you. It's only building muscle.

One day you WILL get to the point where you will look back at these moments, and you will be empowered by the trials when you think about it. Again, it is only building muscle…faith muscle…endurance muscle.

Suffering is part of the journey. You never imagined that your suffering would be this great, but I promise you, if you just keep on walking, you will become the version of you that you never dreamed possible.

Oh how you will be so equipped to impact others to overcome some of the most treacherous warfare! Those that you impact will not have it as hard as you, because they will have you helping them out of some of the very same ordeals you have faced.

I chose you to go through so others wouldn't have to. I chose you so that you would have the power to break some of the most ruthless demons. This power could only be obtained by those forged in fire, and it  is why the enemy has tried to kill your spirit, mind or body.  For some it’s been all of the above, or a combination thereof.

He has tried because he knows the power that is being released, and the great understanding that has been built in you!

My church is being fixed on such an unquenchable fire, that entire principality structures will be brought down both in your personal sphere of influence and worldwide, with just a whispered prayer made by you and others according to your predestined purpose and because of your faith in me.

I do not bring my children to a point and not move to deliver them.

Your eyes have not seen, your ears have not heard, nor has your heart imagined what I have in mind for you on the other side of this. You wouldn't believe me if I told you, which is why I have only shared some things with you now. I have only told you what your belief can handle for now.

I will not tarry and my hand is active.

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