In the midst of adversity: Speak positively and think positively.

November 03, 2019 THE MMA TEAM


Did you know that you have the power to change your life just by changing the way you think and speak?


It is that simple. 

It took me years to change the way I thought about my life and the situations that I would face. Every single time that I was faced with a situation, I would automatically assume the worst outcome.

With my second pregnancy, I can honestly say that things were not always the best. A month after finding out I was pregnant, I began to bleed. It wasn't a normal, spotting bleed, but more like a menstrual bleed. I became worried. 

"What did I do to my baby?", I would ask myself. I automatically assumed I had lost our baby. When we, my husband, our son, and I made it to the hospital, I just knew that I had had a miscarriage. There was no doubt in my mind. I prayed that God would strengthen me through the process because I did not know how I would take the news of me losing this child. I told my husband what I was thinking and he quickly assured me that everything was going to be okay and that I needed to stop thinking negatively. 

As much as I did not want to admit it, he was right. Having a pessimistic frame of mind in that moment in time was not helping me at all. So, I quietly prayed that God would forgive me for thinking the way I was thinking and to wrap His loving arms around our growing child. 

After a few hours of waiting, praying and optimistic thinking, the emergency room doctor came in and told us that our baby was fine and that I should monitor my bleeding and to take it easy. I cannot begin to tell you how relieved I was to hear that news! Our baby was fine!!


I encourage you to speak positively and think positively. I don't care what situation you may be going through at this current moment, I want you to SPEAK LIFE AND PROSPERITY OVER THAT SITUATION! Don't you dare allow the enemy to take control over your thoughts with negativity!



Bible Verses To Read: 

Psalm 141:3

Proverbs 18: 20 - 21 

1 Peter 3:10

Ephesians 4:29





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