Stop and Smell the Wildflowers

October 23, 2021 THE MMA TEAM

My nose tingled slightly, what was that delightful aroma? Letting my nose sniff out the delicious bouquet, I quickly cast my eyes down to a vast array of wildflowers with the colors of violet, gold and snowy white. They blended like a blanket cascading down a mountain.

Bees were buzzing around, happily pollinating the blanket before my eyes. Standing there for a moment, inhaling the sweet-smelling fragrance of the delightful flowers, I stood up, noticing a vast mountain scape surrounding me, and I then felt a sense of peace. A peace that anyone can understand, but only a few attempt, with many walking away, thinking peace is something to allude to.

In today’s world, we sometimes forget to stop and smell the roses, as the saying goes. We get so caught up in our daily activities, our daily lives, our daily wants, and needs, that we forget God has created something so beautiful, so incredible, that we push it aside and think, “some other time.” Well, what happens if that time never comes?

But for today, I want to say, “Go out there and enjoy the outdoors, the outdoors that God created for you.”

Let us take a walk together around the block. Perhaps a drive to a park. Maybe we can sit together like old friends, admiring the fluffy trees, full of blooming flowers and leaves surrounding them, plenty of grass to throw a picnic blanket on and enjoy apicnic with a satisfying lunch. A hike at a local trailhead, appetizing snacks, and plenty of water.

Turning our attention, mesmerize yourself with what goes on in nature. Watch the bees busy buzzing, delighting over flowers;ants and how organized they are; notice the beauty of ladybugs and how they can land delicately on you. Do not be so quick to brush them off!

Listen for the wind to swish the trees, gently guiding them back and forth. If you encounter a bubbling creek, stop, and watch how it gently rolls on the rocks below, moving to a new destination. A child’s laughter is healing to the soul as you laugh along, remembering times past when you were a child and you laughed and laughed.

Whatever it is, just do it. We are not promised tomorrow, but if you have today, make it a momentous day by getting out!

I was so thankful the moment God had me slow down and smell the wildflowers.

I realized God has His hands in creation not only in the beginning but every day. He wants you to partake of the beauty He created for you, every day. Each day is unique and special and not to be wasted on the busyness of our lives.  

Take a break from whatever you are doing, and step outside. Breathe in the good air, those fluffy trees, brilliant colors of flowers, and raise your arms, with thankfulness on the tip of your tongue and a smile on your face.

What did you do outside today? I would love to hear from you.

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