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April 13, 2018 THE MMA TEAM

My name is Clare. I am wife to Matt, and Mum to three awesome humans – Judah, Sam and Gracie May.  I have a wonderful, colourful and mixed life which requires constant juggling, balancing and learning!
Matt and I lead the Pastoral Care Department at LIFE church in Bradford in the UK. I am also a guest on the “The Mum Show” an honest, grace-filled, soul-searching, light-hearted look at being a mum in today’s world. I am also the founder of a blog called “The Mum Journey” which serves as a record of the eclectic things I find whilst trying my best to navigate the twisty turny job of parenting. It’s honest, candid, super practical and hopefully helpful. I love to be creative and thrive on making things better than they were when I found them.
 I am inspired by the life of Mother Theresa, the ultimate MAMA, a woman with no natural children who chose to be kind, nurture and bring life changing help to the people of India.  Ultimately, what makes me tick is seeing people helped, set free and finding their purpose, now I am really passionate about that! 
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