Be the LightKeepers

November 20, 2021 THE MMA TEAM

Tumultuous times,
roaring seas of conflict, and foggy uncertainty surrounds us. These are the times we are in. So what do we do?

Be The Keepers.

The echo of this phrase has been rattling around in my brain ever since we visited the Breakwater Lighthouse.

As I listened to the tour guide share the life saving role of the lighthouse keepers, my attention was peaked.

Lighthouses have always symbolized hope, a beacon of light piercing through the night for weary travelers.

Aren’t we all a little weary of the barrage of conflict and uncertainty on every topic imaginable? Don’t we all feel like we have no control over the swirl of political, social, and emotional storms raging around us.

Be The Keepers.

We have a small area of influence, and In that radius we have interactions with neighbors, co-workers, peers and most of all our family.

My heart is burdened for our young ones and I believe we need to be a safe haven for our children.

There have been several times I’ve chatted with my children and sadly  discovered they’ve overheard bits of conversations and misunderstood difficult topics. 

Often unaware they’re absorbing the fear, anxiety, anger, and distress that they see exhibited around them, their minds are attempting to form their own views, which can often be skewed.

How can we expect children, whose brains don’t even fully develop until 25 years of age, to form accurate perspectives if we as adults don’t always have a clear view?

Honest conversations need to be had, but in the proper context, shaped with gentleness by loving caregivers. We also need to be acutely aware of our own words.

I know I am often guilty of this. How often are we debating the same topic and how little are we returning to the most important conversation.

Although it feels like we have control over so little, there is hope. Parents, we shape the environment in our homes and set the tone.  Grandparents you can be the open arms and the wise counsellors. Teachers, you can create the safe space in your classrooms. This might be the only safe harbor some children have in their day.

No, we can’t steer their boats through the waters, but we can throw lifelines to little ones floundering in a sea of emotions, youths navigating conflict and peer pressures, and teens battling anxiety. Yet, how do we do this if we haven’t figured out how to navigate through it ourselves?

As I peered through the grime and dirt on the watch tower window, I was reminded it is vital to daily scrape away the ugliness and the crud that accumulates.

The devil loves distraction, division and depression. He wants us to spend all our time fighting each other, feeling alone, and sinking in depression and hopelessness.

Daily quiet, introspection is needed. How can we know ourselves if we’re never still long enough to look at what’s in the mirror of our heart? We need to ask ourselves the tough question, “Am I the person I want my children to become. Am I fearful, angry and narrow minded or am I open, kind, forgiving, and compassionate?

We all have a lot of work to do and we need to fill our minds with the truth and learn from the One who lived the perfect example.

Everyday a refill is needed, for without an intentional effort we will struggle to see past what clouds our vision and calling.

If we are truthful, we can admit we don’t have all the answers. I know so little, but what I do know is what Jesus’s Light has done in my own personal life, so that is what I will proclaim. For I know the One who calms a storm with a single word, who walks on water, and who lights the way.

Keep close to the source of Light. The Light that gives hope and truth shining through the dark, even when the heaviness and the climb to the top seems difficult.

Hope is believing that no matter how you feel right now, your circumstances and feelings will not last forever.  

Prayerfully, ceaselessly search the horizon to gain perspective and remember your purpose, for this world is not our home.

I know it's easy to say, keep your eyes focused on the big picture, yet in the day to day it can be daunting.

Once again recall the lighthouse keepers life. The majority of the keeper’s responsibilities were tedious, seemingly menial tasks; cleaning windows, bringing oil to the light, daily log records, and standing watch through the night. These simple jobs all done faithfully in preparation to be ever ready for the ultimate purpose to rescue lost souls.

Our daily interactions, our roles and tasks are building the foundation for trust when a person needs somewhere to turn in life’s storms.

Be the Keepers.

Call to mind the monumental and vital job before us. We are modeling to the next generation how to navigate unknown waters; raising and teaching the future light keepers.   

Send forth your light and your truth, let them guide me; let them bring me to your holy mountain, to the place where you dwell. Psalms 43:3

If you have a minute, do take time to listen to the powerful words sung by Kristene Dimarco. “Through it all, through it all, my eyes are on you. Let go my soul and trust in him. The waves and wind still know His name… It is well with my soul.

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  • A. Willcoxson

    Nov 21, 2021

    Again, you are such a beautiful writer with such a great perspective. So inspirational, love the connection to the lighthouse. Be the keeper,❤️❤️

  • Jolaine

    Nov 21, 2021

    So beautifully said. Lots of thoughts here I’m going to be holding on to through this difficult time in our family. Thanks and blessings abundant.

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