Michelle, a friend in recovery, rebuilding from a broken past.

February 04, 2023 THE MMA TEAM

Meet Michelle, a friend in recovery, rebuilding from a broken past.  She is also a mother, a daughter, a friend and a widow. 

On a hot August day in 2012, Michelle received the life changing news that her husband Joe was diagnosed with ALS, Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis.

During the ten years that followed Joe’s diagnosis, Michelle felt that a part of her was being chiseled away each day, but her role as a wife and mother to three beautiful boys always came before her own need for deep healing.

Whilst Joe was a role model for his sons, understandably he could not always be present, so at times, Michelle had to be both mother and father to their sons, along with being caregiver to her own mother.

Mothers being strong for their boys

Joe passed away November 26, 2022.  Not only did Michelle grieve her husband’s death, but she grieved the ten years she slowly lost her identity as his illness took over.

As she embraces the memories made with her boys and late husband, Michelle knows that God will use her for His purpose as she allows HIM to mould and shape her into the woman He intends for her to be.

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