May 12, 2020 THE MMA TEAM


For a number of years God had been speaking to me about putting pen to paper and writing songs. I would always start writing but would find an excuse as to why I couldnt finish it.  Either I couldnt find the right singer, or I couldnt find a producer to produce the song or I didnt have enough money to pay for the whole project to be completed to a professional standard. There was always a reason why I couldnt get the job done.

Sound familiar? 

There may be something that God has been calling you to do, but like me you keep putting it off and finding excuses as to why you cant do it right now. 

 In the book of Zechariah 4:10 (NLT) the scripture says:       _______________________________________                     

Do not despise the day of small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin”          

Its taken me years,  but I am finally learning that there is no perfect time to start what God has called me to do, nor do I have to wait for all the conditions to be perfect.

If you look at the life of Isaac, the bible says that Isaac sowed in a time of famine.  (Gen 26:12)  All the conditions were against him there was no rain, the ground was not fertile, there was chaos all around & it didnt seem like the best time to be planting or sowing any seed into the ground. (Not too dissimilar to how many people are feeling during the coronavirus pandemic)             _______________________________________          

But by Faith Isaac sowed seed into the ground and in the same year reaped a hundred fold and the Lord blessed him”                       _______________________________________ 

 Last year was quite a difficult and challenging year for me. The previous year my dad had passed away at the age of 89 and it seemed to have  happened very suddenly. Although the Lord did prepare me for it, I just didnt quite understand it at the time. 

Whilst I was off work, I listened to the album by Christian artist Lauren Daigle. As I continued to listen to her whole album and allowed it to minister to me,  I began to sing my own song to the Lord and started to remind Him of His Word and His promises. You said Lord You will never leave me nor forsake meYou said Dont be discouraged I am right here by your side. (Deut 31:6, Isaiah 41:10 paraphrased) I sang these words over and over and over again until I could feel His Presence right there with me in the room. Tears flooded down my face and that was the start of the song Your Love

I would love to say the rest was history but it wasnt!  It took me a couple of months to finally complete writing the song and then I had to find a vocalist. Strangely enough this was the most challenging part. Every time it looked like I had found someone to sing the vocals they would pull out at the last minute.  I eventually prayed to the Lord and asked Him to send me the person that He wanted to sing on this track. And He did.  I was at a place where I was losing all hope, yet  He lead me to a singer in the U.S. whose name was......HOPE!!!

I had no idea that when I sat down to write this song, it would be released at a time such as this.  The song has been speaking to people during this time and I am so grateful to God.

Are you too now going to do what God has been asking you to do?





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