March 02, 2021 THE MMA TEAM

At times we don't understand all that God is doing in our lives. We go through many stages and seasons of life. There are even times when we experience such deep pain, and we are just waiting for it to go away.
So what do we do in times like these? What do you do during times of waiting? Are you waiting for your marriage to get better? Are you waiting for that new job or promotion? Are you waiting for that broken heart to heal?

Whatever you are waiting for my friend, know that God is in the waiting. He doesn't leave you and He doesn't go off and do His own thing. He is right there with you, even while you are waiting for a miracle. 

I may not know what you are going through, but I do know how it feels to wait for God to come through for me.
I have waited on HIM to heal my marriage. I have waited for a call for that new job or the letter of acceptance to college. I have waited for God to heal my heart. I am still waiting for Him to heal me inside.

The waiting process is not a fun place. It's frustrating, lonely, and at times a very discouraging place to be.

It is so hard when we can't see the full picture. We jump to conclusions and even over-analyze, but here’s the thing we are human! 

We don't think like God. We don't see the full plan or the full recipe. We don't see the ingredients that God is putting together to prepare us.
Just like that cake or dinner you take the time to make, you don't see or taste it until all the ingredients are all put together.

In the process of making that meal or cake, it got messy, didn't it? The pots and pans even got dirty, and this is what God does in our lives in the waiting. 

He is mixing and shaking up all the ingredients, and you won't see the finished result until it's cooked. This is why things get dirty and messy. GOD is preparing you for a greater plan, and it’s a plan that is better than you could ever have imagined. 

The waiting process is very uncomfortable, but so worth the outcome!

When what you have been waiting for finally happens, you will be in awe of everything God did and used to get you there. You will look back and remember how messy things got, but then you will be amazed at all that He has done.

He never stops working in our lives. Although it doesn't feel good right now, you can be content in knowing that He is working in your life. He has your life in the palm of His hand, and He has not let you go.
“I am not saying this because I am in need, for I have learned to be content whatever the circumstances.” Philippians 4:11


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