May 04, 2020 THE MMA TEAM

It all started with a share on facebook and an invite.

A little over 2 years ago, I was in a spiral. I had left my great job, taken a new job that was not working out, and was all around struggling. At this point in my life I had no relationship with Jesus. Sure I believed, but hadn’t been to church in years and definitely hadn’t prayed in longer. I was sitting at the new job, feeling such disdain for every aspect in my life and heard a voice from deep inside say “in order to go up you have to hit rock bottom”. So, later sitting at home, and not knowing where to turn, I was pretty hopeless about life.

I was scrolling through facebook and a girl I went to college with, had posted about her experience with a local church. A thought stirred in my mind that maybe this was a sign- maybe this would help. So in a last ditch effort, not knowing what else to do, I messaged her and told her I was at rock bottom and asked about her church.

That next Sunday I met her at church full of fear and anxiety. Would people judge me? What exactly happened in there? How was I going to feel?
Well after attending just one service I was hooked. I had to know more about this relationship I could have with the Lord and how it could change my life.

After a month, I had surrendered my life to the Lord and 3 months later I was baptized. What an amazing feeling!
Within just a few weeks after first attending church I had started a new job, sold my house and bought another and everything felt great. Everything was aligned and my faith was all in Jesus.

I started serving in multiple teams at church and that only made my faith stronger as I began to serve and meet other like minded individuals at church.

But I am here to say, getting saved and being a Christian doesn’t mean you won’t struggle. Recently, I found myself in the a similar situation as to the one I was in two years ago. But something is so different this time:  yes I feel anxious and nervous for the unknown, but I also feel hopeful, joyous and excited. You see, what I’ve discovered in this season is that my hope and joy isn’t found in earthly things. That a job or relationship isn’t what defines me.

My strength and hope is found 100% in the Lord. Everything else can be shaken, but my faith remains strong and I know that God has my back and will use the experience for good. I  think we could all use that knowledge in the wake of the unknown in the world right now- even though it seems impossible, God will use this for good. So many people are turning to Christ right now because they have nothing else to rely on- how amazing! And maybe, our ‘normal’ wasn’t working; and wasn’t the way God wanted us to live. Maybe it’s a gift to be given this time to evaluate what is important to us, what we need to live without, and most importantly focus on the One that will get us through it!



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