January 08, 2020 THE MMA TEAM

All of us have one thing in common - an intense desire to be loved and understood. We want to be accepted no matter what. And there is a reason for that, we were made for connection and intimacy.

We grow up learning that we can and should earn love from others. Love is considered conditional based on what we do, how we act or how we look. Maybe we grew up in households where unconditional love just wasn’t available. Whatever the reason, we often search for love in all the wrong places - men, work, appearances, etc. Oh sure, these things may give us instant gratification. We get a thrill from the attention we get from the worldly pleasures. But the thrill doesn’t last long so we find ourselves looking for the next thrill. Sadly, that void never seems to be filled.

I have personally struggled with this by seeking love through men and appearances. I would date men who would not treat me very well or only like me for my looks. I thought how men reacted to me was the kind of love that I deserved which was usually pretty unhealthy. When I didn’t get the temporal satisfaction of being “loved,” I would go down into a spiral of negative self-talk. There was no well of true, unconditional, Godly love for me to build my foundation on.

It wasn’t until I learned about Jesus and His unconditional, sacrificial love that I learned I was worthy of His kind of love - a better love.

I think it was hard for me to accept because I didn’t think I deserved this kind of love. How could He love someone so broken as me?

God sent His One and Only Son into the world as His greatest act of love. You are accepted and loved by Jesus no matter what. Jesus’ love is the only kind of love that can truly satisfy.

Until Jesus came, our relationship with God was broken. He could have loved us at a distance but He had something more in mind. Jesus came to repair that so we could have direct access to the Father. We boldly approach His throne of grace. Because God is always present we can experience the deep love and intimacy with Him in every moment of our lives. With God, you are fully known and fully loved.

At some point my standards of how I should be loved changed to realizing I was worth more. I am worthy because He is worthy. I am loved because He is love. I am a child of God and daughter of a King. He created me on purpose and for a purpose that is much greater than what I can find in worldly love. God chooses me and YOU not based on any merit but solely on His love for us.

How can you root yourself in God’s loving embrace today? With love and grace.





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    Muchas gracias. ?Como puedo iniciar sesion?

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