How model Tae McKenzie is taking the runway by storm in a wheelchair

September 13, 2018 THE MMA TEAM

All my life I have battled with epilepsy and all the hardships that I have faced with it.  Being denied jobs and being picked on because of my disorder. Yet little did I know that my life was about to turn for the worst, but also the better.

I had already had one stroke, but on March 18 2011, I had yet another stroke and became wheelchair bound.  I was no longer able to walk or talk and I had lost 90% of my memory. During this time, I realised that my life was about more than just me.  It became about advocating for those with disabilities to be treated equally and fairly, and ensuring that the things that are suppossed to be accessible to us are.

As well as being crowned Ms Heels for Wheels USA, I am the founder and CEO of the MFSE foundation, a  non profit organisation which campaigns on behalf of stroke and epilepsy sufferers. I am also the founder and CEO of Fashion for Change.

One of my greatest accomplishments, was becoming the first disabled honary grand marshal in Charlotte’s Thanksgiving Parade. 

My favourite quote is by me: “I may be wheelchair bound but it won’t keep keep me down!”.

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