August 25, 2020 THE MMA TEAM

I have been in the ministry for a while now. I was raised a preacher's kid and loved ministry since I was small. But like many preachers kids, I hit hard times. I think that I had to go through a rough time in order to refine the gifting God gave me.

When I was in my 20’s I had a realization that I needed to tell my story. I loved hearing about the lives of those around me. I loved seeing how God moved in and through their lives even though they went through the roughest circumstances.

As I started to seek out others and their stories, I realized that many including myself really didn’t know how to share their story or they didn’t even think they had one to tell.

So I started having meetings at home. I invited women from all areas and stages of life. Women from all denominations and backgrounds. We got together, had coffee and a snack and slowly started sharing our stories. Reading the Word of God and tons of prayer we were able to have amazing breakthroughs.

It was amazing to me how many of us had similar backgrounds of abuse, lack of self esteem and understanding of worth. My heart broke once a week as these beautiful women sat in my living room and poured their souls out.

To sit and hear woman after woman share their lives was eye opening. We had women show up that were currently living in abusive houses, women who were married to addicts just trying to keep up appearances.

Giving Hope Ministry was born through this Bible Study.
Having the realization of “I’m Not Alone!” helped me heal above all else. I was finally able to break through pain that I didn’t even know was there. There was healing in the sharing.

There were so many times that I have felt all alone and isolated in my feelings about my poor choices. But when I was able to open up my home to these women I was able to know I wasn’t. That it was a lie from the enemy to keep me in shame.

Watching each woman open up about their lives with such bravery gave me HOPE to share about my life. There is strength in sharing. There is strength in numbers. I have learned more about myself and my own strength while leading this group of beautiful souls.

I have been honored to get to know women from all over the world. Women with different beliefs and backgrounds as mine. I have learned to see the beauty in every single story.

When we take the time to open our lives to those around us, we are able to see each soul as beautiful pieces in an amazing picture.  It’s only then that we in turn, can appreciate our own place in that picture.

Every single broken piece every bump in the road is just an opportunity to bring out our true color. This vibrant color is the beauty in a sunset, the awe of wonder in a sunrise. That is the power of sharing your story.

I HOPE you join me in sharing your story.


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