God turned a negative to a positive

April 05, 2023 THE MMA TEAM

The Covid-19 pandemic may not have affected me physically, but it broke me mentally. 

Since the start of that highly restricted time, I found myself dealing with periodic feelings of loneliness, sadness and troubled thinking.  I became a shadow of my usually bubbly persona.

As a mental health professional for over 7 years, I noticed I was failing to appropriately use my own advice.  I was struggling with Depression and Anxiety.

Even after many of the pandemic’s restrictions had been lifted, I resorted to mainly socializing with my husband and daughter.

I stopped going to church which led me further down the rabbit hole of depression.

I was able to mask my feelings in front of close friends, family members and colleagues, but internally I was slowly breaking down inside. At one point, I even told my husband that I felt as if “death would be better than feeling like this”. 

I let my surroundings and emotions get the best of me and forgot to lean on God.

But God was still so close and told me that before I could make the best change in myself and the lives of others, I would have to first trust Him, gain a better understanding of HIS word, and give up the things that were not pleasing to Him.

After making the changes and sacrifices I desperately needed, I saw a dramatic improvement in my mental, social and professional life.

Ending my mental battle, I can truly say that God turned the negativity surrounding the pandemic into a positive experience which I can now share with others.

I’ve increased my prayer life, built a deeper understanding of the Bible, and have established a closer relationship with Jesus.

I’ve gratefully rededicated my mental health and my life as a whole back to Christ,  and can teach you how to do the same!

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