From Broken to Blessed

October 22, 2022 THE MMA TEAM

 A long time ago I was broken. I didn’t know who I was, I didn’t know who I belonged to, and I didn’t know what the future really had in store for me. Spending years of not knowing, led me into years of conforming and compromising who I was to please other people.

I was literally broken.

There came a point in time when I got tired of myself. I was tired of denying my feelings to keep other people happy, I was tired of losing my mind trying to stay relevant in someone else’s and I was tired of trying “new things” to find happiness. 

This is when God stepped in.

When I proclaimed his son as my Savior and He called me His daughter,  my life begin to change. I got to know who I was by the hands of The One who created me. I can now confidently declare over my life that I am delivered from evil, dedicated to Christ, and destined for greatness.

I am blessed.

It is now my passion and purpose to equip, uplift, and empower my sisters in Christ. So that they too can be delivered from evil, dedicated to Christ, and destined for greatness. Let my testimony be the fuel you need to stay humbly at the feet of God.

If he can shift my life, he can certainly transform yours.

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