October 28, 2020 THE MMA TEAM

A little over a year ago, I was confronted with the reality of chronic illness. I knew of it and I’d watched others walk through it from afar. But I never thought it would be my reality. Until it was.

When you’re young, it’s easy to take your energy, mobility and overall capacity for granted. You walk through life confident that you’re strong enough to withstand a shake-up.

Then life happens and sickness turns up at your front door. Before you can close the door in its face, it walks in like an uninvited guest and makes itself at home. There goes life as you know it.

It turned my world upside down. Being a highly capable and independent woman with an identity closely intertwined with my ability, I suddenly became helpless. Honestly, I felt useless to anyone for months.

I grieved the many things that died in that season – my independence, my ability to serve, my ability to earn, my relationships. I even grieved the loss of my hair which I had spent years nurturing. Nothing should ever come between a black woman and her hair!

Though I grieved everything I’d lost, I still found a strange sense of comfort. Comfort in knowing that Jesus could identify with my suffering. Comfort in the assurance that I didn’t have to walk through it alone.

Going to God’s Word, I drew strength from the following scripture:

“He was despised and rejected by men, a man of suffering who knew what sickness was…Yet he himself bore our sickness, and he carried our pains.” Isaiah 53:3-4

Today, I want you also to take comfort in knowing that Jesus, the Son of the Most High God, came down to your level to restore you to the Father. He took on the lowly form of a human to meet you where you’re at.

Jesus stared death in its face and overcame the darkness so that you wouldn’t be consumed by it. He suffered the worst kind of pain and endured intense affliction and rejection so you wouldn’t have to.

He knows your pain, He knows your sickness, He knows your shame. More than you’ll ever know.

I believe, for me and for you, that this isn’t how the story ends. Jesus has paid the price for our victory! He paid it in full. Sickness, disease, and death have no power over you as a child of God.

Let me encourage you today to walk in the victory that has been given to you freely. I promise I will too.




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