Faith, Comedy and Family Life

October 16, 2018 THE MMA TEAM


Hello I’m Olga: a wife, mum of 3 boys, drama teacher and survivor of a severe breakdown. Boy has my faith seen me through some tough times! 

Everything I am today is a result of having been raised by my mum in a little north London hair salon called El Greco with my brother and sister. All my comedy material and memories are rooted in my experiences growing up in that quirky salon.  When I was a kid I would dress up in my mum’s clothes and pretend to be lots of different people. On that front, nothing much has changed!                                  

Three years ago I was invited for a closed audition with the producers from a hugely successful UK  TV show called ‘BritiansGotTalent’. I didn’t make it to the end, but being one to never give up, (remember I am a survivor!) I have found a platform writing and creating material for an amazing community on instagram and Youtube. 

I continue to firmly believe that I will have my own tv show with my characters, and when the dark days come, and they do, I tell myself its never too late you know. Never too late.
You can check out the hilariously funny  @big_fat_greekmother on instagram by clicking here









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