November 10, 2020 THE MMA TEAM

Dream. Overcome. Exceed. Repeat has been the theme of my life even before I was born.

It all started with my mom dreaming of the life I could have if she gave birth to me. Not all family members and friends were in support of a 14 year old being pregnant and some presented abortion as an option. That left my mom with many things to overcome as a teenager. Nevertheless, she exceeded the expectation of many by not only having me but continuing her education and graduating from High School. 

That theme has continued throughout my life: I am the person who has to work hard for everything they want in life. Nothing comes easy for me.

I can remember dreaming about winning the state championship in the 100 meter dash in High School, it took overcoming many losses at the state level for me to accomplish that goal. However, God exceeded my expectations, because the year I won was the year my soon-to-be college coach was at the State Championships recruiting #favor!
As this theme repeated throughout my college years, as an adult, a wife and in motherhood, one thing has remained the same...God's faithfulness to me. 
It was His faithfulness that changed my outlook on life and eventually my definition of what success would look like for me.

Before success was all about what I could achieve. Today it's about hearing "well done my good and faithful servant". In the end no other words matter to me. I know that I've been put on earth for a purpose. I now desire to dream only the dreams God desires for me. 

I know I am going to face many challenges as I homeschool my children, lead a marriage ministry, and grow into my role as a wife. I also know that Jesus Christ has given me the power to overcome anything I may face along the way. I am confident that as I do the work I've been called to do and I keep my trust in the one who has called me to do it, God will do exceedingly, abundantly above all I could ask, think, or imagine. 

Everyday I am encouraged to do the work I've been gifted, anointed, and trusted to do despite my feelings of inadequacy or the challenges I face. So, I want to encourage everyone reading this to dream big dreams. The ones that make you afraid. Then you will have to trust God. Overcome the obstacles that present themselves before you. They are there to build character not to break you. Exceed your expectations, do not settle for good. Always do your best. Lastly, repeat these steps everyday knowing whose you are and who you are. 

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  • Tonya Brown

    Nov 10, 2020

    As your mother, I could say so much however, I am just going to say these few words. At 14 years old I was scared, confused and I felt as though I was a loss soul. However, God blessed me with a gift of life who has been a blessing to many. I ❤️ you to life and I pray that continues to bless you exceedingly and abundantly as you do His will.

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