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For me, fear was a heavy anchor dragging me underwater. I found myself submerged in worries and gasping for air. Looking up, I could see the sun rays piercing through the dark clouds and shining light into the water. God showed me He is jealous of my fear, and fear hinders us from living fully. God did not intend for us to be paralyzed by fear and shackled by anxiety.

Jesus himself calls us to meet him on the waves and walk by him on the water. When strong winds roar and waves crash, keep your focus on Him and trust that He alone can keep you from sinking.

Are you gripped by fear, fear of the future, fear of letting people down, fear of not being enough, just fear in general?

For several years I battled with crippling fear, specifically the fear of dying. When I allowed myself to be overcome with these anxieties, it prevented me from living life to the fullest. I couldn't maintain a job; I couldn't drive, I was twenty and sleeping in my parent's bedroom because I was afraid of being alone with my thoughts. I was dealing with several episodes of hypochondria (an obsession with the idea of having a life-threatening disease), which led to
several doctor visits, antidepressants, and therapy. I felt suffocated by my worry and overwhelmed with hopelessness.

So, where does this fear come from, the kind that brings upon anxiety, worry, and self-doubt? And how can we break through this personal cell that keeps us shackled?

Today when I am faced with fear, I remind myself of these four points...
First, I am a threat to the enemy.
No one is immune to fear; Fear is a tactic, a form of torment the enemy will utilize to paralyze you from taking hold of the plan and purpose the Lord has for you.
You see, nothing infuriates the devil more than to watch you walk in freedom, for you to know your worth and wholeheartedly pursue the call the Lord has for you.
The enemy is threatened by those who don’t allow fear to govern their lives.
Why do you intimidate him? Because you are loved and cherished by the Most High, because he is aware that a grand God has grand plans for His children that could do significant damage to the dominion of darkness.
1 Peter 5: 8 warns us to “be sober-minded; be watchful...the devil prowls around like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour.”

The devil’s highest priority is to see you sink. His  primary purpose is to make you miserable, to steal your joy, strength, and peace of mind, and his attempt at this is drowning you with fear, self- doubt, worry, anxiety, etc

Second, The Lord is jealous of my fear! 
Fear, like an anchor, will hinder you from walking forward into God’s will for your life. When we are consumed by fear, it governs the steps we take, the decisions we make. In the morning, we are paralyzed by what the day might present itself and spend endless nights awake, allowing our fears to take our thoughts captive.

God wants so much more for us than to live a life burdened with anxiousness and worry. He conquered sin and death on that cross and everything else that could have a stronghold on our lives.
His desire is for you to walk freely, confident that your heavenly father goes before you (Deuteronomy 31:8), confident that in His presence, you will find refuge (Psalm 46:1), confident that He will deliver you from fear (Psalm 34:4).

God wants us to walk by faith, and fear is the opposite of that. When we give less power to our fear and muster up the courage to walk by faith, we can live a much more fulfilling, joyful, and peaceful life in Christ.
Third, I have authority.
2 Corinthians 10:5 tells us that we have authority over our thoughts we can “demolish arguments and every pretension that sets itself up against the knowledge of God, and we [can] take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.”
Fear begins with a thought and then manifests itself into an emotion that can dictate you. The enemy will use fear to manipulate you, but you do not have to be a helpless victim to your thoughts.

The Bible tells us to meditate on the Word of God because this is how we will renew our minds ( Romans 12:2); this is how you can know His promises and will over your life. When we meditate on scripture, God’s promises will move from our minds into our hearts and become a part of who we are.
And when we recognize the thoughts of fear beginning to form themselves against us, remember you have dominion over them in Jesus.

Acknowledge that fear is the enemy waging a spiritual war over your life, but take heart because God has equipped you with the spiritual weapons (Ephesians 6:10-18) necessary to pull down strongholds!
Fourth, Fear flees from HIS presence.
The safest place to be is in the arms of a loving father, and 1 John 4:18 reminds us that “there is no fear in love. But perfect love drives out fear.”
God is love, He is perfect love, and there is no place for fear in His presence! The closer you come to him, the more fear will lose its power over you.

In the Lord you will receive the fullness of joy (Psalm 16:11), your strength will be renewed (Isaiah 40:31), you will be given hope for the future ( Jeremiah 29:11) and rest (Mathew 11:28- 30).
When we are no longer held captive by depression, anxiety, worry, when we have the strength to defeat the enemy and pull down strongholds, when we are no longer hopeless but expectant for the future, the enemy has no hold on us.
There is so much strength, faith, and resilience, waiting to be unleashed within you. Take a step of faith out of the boat of fear and comfort. Walk towards Jesus on the water, keep your eyes on the father, and Trust that He will not let you drown.

Take Heart!



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