Beyond the Boundaries

January 08, 2022 THE MMA TEAM

Beyond the boundary of what we see, there’s a God who sees and knows all.

Beyond the boundary of what’s possible, there’s a God who delights in choosing the impossible.

Beyond the boundary of weakness, there’s a God who glorifies the humble and provides immense strength when they falter.

Beyond the boundary of what we control, there’s a God orchestrating everything for our good.

We’re held in the hands of a Father who sees boundaries but moves beyond them and is above them.

Beyond the boundary of everything we know, there’s always a seed of promise expanding beneath the surface, stretching its roots further than we could imagine, and faith is the glass through which we can peer beyond the limits of sight and rely on the hope of heaven.

The hope of a Father who is always moving, always making a way.

We can always count on God, who isn’t defined by the boundaries we are, who isn’t deterred by what seems improbable, who finds joy in defying our ordinary expectations while delivering far more than we ever deemed possible.

That’s just who HE is:  Improbable. Impossible. Unimaginable.

And yet, as mighty and untamed as he is, his heart is tender and ever bent toward us.

We have the unconditional love of a boundless Creator, who has been weaving our story out of the same fibres  He used to create the universe and everything in it.

So faith, while not easy to hold onto in every season, is a response that will never return void because our Father cherishes our hearts and longs to move beyond the ordinary.

When we step out of boats and onto turbulent waters, who and what we look at makes a difference. Will we look at our circumstances? The boundaries that define us? Or will we look at our Father? Will we trust that his hand will be there to grab when our limits feel insurmountable?

When we look up instead of around, we’ll always see evidence of His goodness.

We’ve all had our hopes disappointed at one point or another, making faith feel vulnerable. Why place our hope in something, putting more pain on the table as a possible outcome? That’s the beauty of knowing that God is beyond all.

Yet even in bitter disappointment and heartbreak, which is all we see in the moment, He’s both with us in it and simultaneously delivering us from it.

He’s already orchestrated the breakthrough. He’s already in the promised land, clearing the way. He’s with us when we’re hurting, but he’s already carried us through it, too. He is beyond the boundary, including the boundary of time.

Faith is less of a choice and more of a knowing. Knowing the character of God, knowing he is with us, and knowing he operates in spaces beyond the boundaries. If we trust who He is and that He never changes, it stretches our boundary of faith, because if He is impossible, improbable, and unimaginable, how much more are his plans for us?

Even in the midst of uncertainty or disappointment, when our sight fails, and we have no other option but to walk by faith, He is moving.

We are always in the care of a God who’s beyond and above the boundaries.

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