Centrepoint Charity

A person is homeless if: They have no accommodation that they are entitled to occupy; or they have accommodation but it is not reasonable for them to continue to occupy this
accommodation. (Housing Act 1998)
This could mean…

  • They have nowhere to live or are living in temporary accommodation 
  • They are living in inappropriate surroundings 
  • Home life is violent 

For just 40p a day, we can help young people off the streets by providing a warm safe room that they can learn to treat as home.  They will also have access and support to a range of services including counselling, basic life skills teaching and training, all geared towards them achieving a life of full independence. 
Make any purchase from our drinking mug collections, and 40p of each sale will be donated towards sponsoring a room for a vulnerable young person.
For more information about the work of Centrepoint and room sponsorship, please click here.