You will Rise Up!

February 02, 2022 THE MMA TEAM

No matter what the enemy has stolen. God will restore. I am feeling this in my spirit. Some of you have lost so much.

 I am even hearing someone is at their breaking point. I want to tell you something…live for the one true King. I promise you that he will give back to you so much more.

I am hearing the Lord say to you that you were made for such a time as this. This is your time. God will not allow you to stay in the place that you are at. He wants to bring you forward.

You may be sitting now, but you will bounce up out of that seat and rejoice because the Lord is going to do something new within you. You will not even recognize your own self.

It will be permanent. Like a permanent fixture that you cannot take down. Wow! The enemy will not be able to take you down.

I am hearing the Lord say you will rise up. You will rise up!

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