August 19, 2020 THE MMA TEAM

I am a Motivational Mentor, Actress and a Singer.  I love positivity and really enjoy uplifting others. 

'Be the you God has created for such a time as this' was something that kept ringing through my mind in the wake of the pandemic. 

I realised a lot of people lost their motivation and were struggling to cope with the pandemic and lockdown, so I wanted to be that person they could turn to for motivation, reassurance, positivity, joy and hope.

I felt blessed and honoured to still have a full time job as a Financial Supervisor, so I registered with 'share the meal' platform and started donating to feed children and families struggling all around the world in this period.

I also dedicated time daily to chat and check on vulnerable and elderly people in the UK. Being able to put a smile on their faces was just amazing.

I also wanted to be more impactful with my I.G page, so I started posting motivational quotes,worship and words to encourage people daily. 

To everyone out there please know that there is no social distancing with Jesus and you can always lean on him, hug him and talk to him in the comfort of your home.

He will always remain there for you.

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