Meet the Founder of the Biblical Business Academy

March 06, 2018 THE MMA TEAM

Hey! I’m Naomi, Teacher and Coach for Christian Female Leaders & Entrepreneurs who are ready to make a huge impact with their God-given gifts, skills and talents.

I first entered the online space in 2011 as a blogger and in 2013 I moved into vlogging and built my first website. I’ve also been a guest on a number of blogs, websites and podcasts and have regularly featured on Premier Christian Radio. The heart behind it all has always been the same – Equipping women with REAL truth for REAL life and ensuring that as Christians, we’re LIVING as salt and light and not just reading about what that would look like.

If you’ve ever found yourself daydreaming at your desk and asking yourself if there’s more to life than ‘this’, I’m here to tell you that there is.  If you’ve questioned whether you’ve got what it takes to ‘do you’ and go beyond ‘dream’ status, I want to let you know that you do.  Yes there is fear and what ifs and hows, but actually its SO MUCH bigger than that.  Its about sharing your message whilst your shaking because honestly: the world is waiting for your work.

I am also the founder of the Biblical Business Academy, a monthly membership program for fearless Christian female entrepreneurs who are ready to build, scale and grow their purpose-driven businesses. I am not a coach or a teacher who says “The universe has got your back “ or “ Lets just put it out in the atmosphere”. I’m standing firm on the belief that every good gift given to us 100% comes from God and that  HE’s totally got us covered. That doesn't mean that the Biblical Business Academy is simply a place for Bible study.... we mean BUSINESS, and we work God's way in ALL areas of our life

For more info on the Academy, including how to join click here. You can also find Naomi on Facebook by clicking here and on Instagram @naomiaidoo


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